National Lampoon's Pledge This!
National Lampoon's Pledge This!(2006)

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Running Time: 91 min
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Cheryl Guerriero, Anna Obropta
Director: William Heins, Strathford Hamilton
Actors: Paris Hilton, Paula Garcés, Sarah Carter, Simon Rex
Rated R

Synopsis: The rich and beautiful leader of South Beach University's most elite sorority concocts a sexy scheme to cash in on her sisterhood's newfound fame in a raunchy college comedy starring Paris Hilton. The Gamma Gammas have been voted the hottest sorority in the country by FHM, and now their leader, Victoria English (Hilton), is determined to take full advantage of the positive publicity. Only girls of Victoria's caliber can aspire to Gamma Gamma status, so what better way to solidify their influence over Greek culture than to take part in a photo shoot with one of the most popular men's magazines in the country? As the photo shoot draws near, however, it soon becomes undeniably clear that Victoria is more interested in furthering her own clandestine agenda than getting good press for Gamma Gamma. Simon Rex co-stars in a National Lampoon comedy that's as rowdy as Animal House, only ten times sexier.


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