The Underground Comedy Movie
The Underground Comedy Movie(1999)

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Running Time: 88 min
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Vince Offer, Dante (writer of Sushi mama)
Director: Vince Offer
Actors: Barbara Snellenburg, Rebekah Chaney, Gloria Sperling, Chris Watson
Rated R

Synopsis: First-time filmmaker Vince Offer crashes through the outer limits of bad taste in this wildly outrageous collection of comedy sketches. Adapted from material Offer first worked out on a public-access television series, The Underground Comedy Movie includes a gender-switch parody of The Godfather, a cross-dressing version of Dirty Harry, a "Batman" who attacks criminals with a Louisville Slugger, the misadventures of a gay virgin out on the town, a take-off on Randy Newman's song (and music video) "I Love L.A.", a beauty pageant featuring bag ladies as contestants, swimmers being attacked by sharks while a lifeguard ogles beautiful women, and plenty of stuff not too rude to describe in this context. The cast includes Michael Clarke Duncan (in a bit shot before his rise to fame), Gena Lee Nolin, Slash, and Joey Buttafuoco.


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