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Running Time: 85 min
Genre: Sci-Fi
Writer: Rich Christiano
Director: Rich Christiano
Actors: Jonathan Aube, Josh Adamson, Michael Blain-Rozgay, Jenna Bailey
Rated PG

Synopsis: Two reporters covering the story of a Texas man who claims to have been abducted by a UFO find their basic beliefs clashing as they attempt to sort through the facts in director Rich Christiano's sci-fi-themed Christian thriller. Thirty-eight-year old Randy Mitchell claims that while driving home one evening on a lonely stretch of highway, a giant cloud hovered over his vehicle and swept him into the darkened sky. When the editor of a national magazine sends his two best reporters to interview Mitchell, what follows is a classic case of skeptic versus believer. As one reporter struggles to disprove the incident as delusional nonsense, the other strives to find evidence that life exists elsewhere in the cosmos. In the end, both reporters uncover an answer they could have ever anticipated.


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