Where the #$&% is Santa?
Where the #$&% is Santa?(2008)

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Running Time: 90 min
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Selina Becker (storyline consultant), Joe DeVito, Joseph Frantz (original story), Joseph Frantz, Tim Glomb (original story), Bam Margera (story), Bam Margera, Seth Meisterman (storyline consultant), Jimmy Pop (storyline consultant)
Director: Joe DeVito, Bam Margera
Actors: Jussi 69, Jyrki 69, Willy Ackers, Mark the Bagger
Rated R

Synopsis: In this bizarre and painful reality adventure, Jackass alum Bam Margera gathers up his band of wild friends and heads off to the Arctic Circle, determined to find the home and factory of Santa Clause, engaging in many "don't try this at home" style stunts along the way.


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