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Running Time: 94 min
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Writer: Michael Hurst
Director: Ernie Barbarash
Actors: Cuba Gooding Jr., Val Kilmer, Michael Ironside, Tatiana Maslany
Rated R

Synopsis: Academy Award-winner Cuba Gooding, Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michael Ironside headline this sci-fi action flick about a man who must fight for his life after receiving a lethal brain implant. Luke Gibson (Gooding, Jr.) nearly died in the car accident that killed his wife and unborn child, but upon awakening in the hospital it quickly becomes clear that his life is still in danger. A microchip has been implanted in Luke's brain, and now his every move is being monitored by Hope Industries, a powerful corporation headed by a ruthless executive (Kilmer). If Luke doesn't get it out of his head soon, he'll become another brain-dead casualty of our corporate overlords. In order to regain of his own mind and prevent Hope Industries from achieving global domination, Luke seeks help from a team of highly intelligent computer hackers.


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