The Fall
The Fall(1999)

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Running Time: 94 min
Genre: Thriller
Writer: Michael A. Walker (screenplay)
Director: Andrew Piddington
Actors: László Borbély, Antal Cserna, Anita Deutsch, Hélène de Fougerolles
Rated R

Synopsis: In Budapest, the aspirant writer Adam Ellis from New York lives with the also American Lisa Warrington in an apartment that belongs to her chief Jzsef Kovcs that Lisa worships. Kovcs is a former communist and presently an entrepreneur hated by his compatriots. One day, a blonde is chased by two men in the subway and then on the streets; however she cuts the throat of one of them with a straight razor in a corridor in a building. Then she breaks in Adam's apartment to flee from the other man. She tries to seduce Adam and then she tells a strange story about her husband, her little daughter and Kovacs. Adam decides to help her but is the woman telling the truth?


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